Tommee Tippee Complete Breastfeeding Kit


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  • 1x Made for Me single electric breast pump with soft silicone cup
  • 1x 150ml Closer to Nature bottle with slow flow teat 0m+
  • 1x 260ml Closer to Nature feeding bottle with slow flow teat 0m+
  • 1x electric bottle & food warmer
  • 6x disposable breast pads (3x pairs, large size)
  • 20x milk storage bags
  • 3x travel & microwave steriliser bags
  • 1x milk feeding bib
  • 2x medium flow teats 3+ months

Many breastfeeding mums choose to express so that partners and family can get involved with baby feeding time, and mums can enjoy a little more freedom and flexibility. Our Complete Breastfeeding kit has everything you need to make breastfeeding, expressing and bottle-feeding baby simple.

The Made for Me electric breast pump is portable, lightweight and discreet enough to give you the confidence and freedom to express breast milk when and where you want. Quieter than other breast pumps it features a choice of massage and express modes so that you can you can discover the most comfortable way to stimulate your milk flow and express your breast milk.

The electric bottle and food warmer warms breast milk, formula and baby food to body temperature without overheating to preserve the goodness in every feed. This kit also comes with a selection of award-winning Closer to Nature baby feeding bottles with the most breast-like teats ever, you’ll be all set to feed baby any time of day or night. The reusable travel and microwave steriliser bags are perfect for sterilising breast pumps, bottles and other baby feeding accessories when you’re visiting friends.

You can have sterilised items ready to use in as little as 90 seconds. And you can also use them to store your pump, bottles and teats to keep everything clean to take home. Breastfeeding your baby is always special but little leaks can be embarrassing and uncomfortable so our disposable breast pads are ultra-absorbent to keep you dry and feeling fresh.